Cohiba Robustos


Length: 124 mm
Diameter: 19.85 mm
Ring gauge: 50
Shape: Robusto

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Cohiba is the central brand of Habanos. It was begun in 1966 for Fidel Castro himself and was made at the now extraordinarily celebrated El Laguito creation line. From the start it was simply considered outer To be as presents for heads of state and visiting ministers.

From 1982 Cohiba has been available in the open market. Only three sizes where made open, the Lancero, the Corona Especial, and the Panatela. In 1989 three more vitolas, were incorporated; the Robusto, the Exquisito, and the Espléndido. These six are suggested as the Línea Clásica.

In 1992 Habanos SA dispatched another extent of sizes, the Línea 1492. To watch Christopher Columbus and his excursion to the Americas, with each size suggesting a hundred years since Columbus’ exposure. The span involved the Siglo I, Siglo II, Siglo III, Siglo IV, and Siglo V, with a Siglo VI included 2002. Cohiba Maduro 5 was dispatched in 2007.

Alone among some other Cuban Cigar, two of Cohiba’s filler leaves, the seco and ligero, experience a third maturing in barrels. This makes extravagance to the blend that prompts the unrepeatable Cohiba experience.

Cohiba Robustos is noted for it’s extraordinary flavor – that is regularly portrayed as freely sharp and woody – and a sweet yet zesty hint in the center and last third. The covering has a sleek focus and the pre-light smell is acrid and nutty – like almonds and hazelnut. By and large the Cohiba Robustos furnishes a full bodied mix with great ignition and the ideal equalization of taste and force – ideal all around.

The Cohiba Robusto cigars have been the quickest developing pattern in the high quality area throughout the most recent ten years. They are the benchmark cigar against which all others are estimated.

Cohiba Robustos, a glad individual from the Línea Clásica range since 1989. .At the point when you purchase a cigar from The Cigar Club you are getting tied up with more than 50 years of exchanging experience. All that we dispatch is checked for quality. All our Havana cigars bear the EMS (English Market Selection) Stamp of greatness. This ensures both provenance and quality.We won’t be beaten on price.

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Pack of 03, SLB of 25


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