La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra Cigar (UK Regional Edition – 2017)


Length: 5 3/8″
Ring Gauge: 48
Strength: Medium
Packaging: Box of 10 Cigars



La gloria cigar australia sale

La gloria cigar australia sale. Taking top honors as the highest-rated of the list. It’s a Famous-exclusive cigar packed with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos Sumatra.16 J La Gloria Cuban cigar

La Gloria Cubana Cigars

La gloria cigar australia sale date back to well before the Cigar Boom era with a big brand name that boasts a loyal legion of connoisseurs who became fans years ago. La Gloria Cubana now produces a number of Dominican and Nicaraguan blends that have gone on to become bestsellers. A solid collection of flavor and strength profiles has made the brand a seminal classic. La Gloria Cubana cigars continue to impress a wide variety of cigar lovers to this day.

Buy La Gloria Cigar cubanna brand history.

La Gloria Cubana originated under the expertise of blending legend Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, whose family roots can be traced back to cigar-making in Cuba for generations.

La Gloria Cubana cigars gained immense popularity during the early days of the Cigar Boom of the 1990s when demand for premium, handcrafted cigars soared exponentially. The advent of Cigar Aficionado and the publication’s insightful cigar reviews and ratings served to promote both new and historic brands to an eager consumer audience.

Young brands like La Gloria benefitted immensely from the burgeoning focus connoisseurs placed on boutique alternatives to traditional Cuban-legacy labels well-known in the premium U.S. cigar market. In the spring of 1993, a high rating for La Gloria Cubana Wavell and a Cigar Aficionado article spotlighting Perez-Carrillo’s family-style cigar operation catapulted the brand’s sales to stunning new levels.

As La Gloria Cubana cigar production grew within a modest, Miami-based factory, demand for skilled cigar-rollers also increased. Many competitors looked to Perez-Carrillo’s factory to poach experienced cigar-makers, due the brand’s visible reputation. And, having been at production capacity in Miami for some time, circumstances necessitated the company’s expansion with an advanced operation in the Dominican Republic. Order la gloria cigar australia


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