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Traceability and Guarantee


Dear Customers, we strive every day to select and offer you the best quality of cigars from our importing partners. We only source from official importers accredited by brands. For Cuban cigars (Habanos) the only official Swiss importer accredited by Habanos is Intertabak AG.

By purchasing from this Cuban cigar company, we offer you the certainty that the cigars you buy are 100% original and not from counterfeits, or from the gray market (cigars having potentially gone around the world and stored irresponsibly most of the time, these cigars do not undergo the phytosanitary controls imposed by the administrations of the exporting countries, moreover they can be in contact with the parasite of tobacco “Lasioderma” which will destroy the whole of your stock of cigars). A certain slogan says: “Cigars are not better because you paid more for them!” I claim that cigars paid for at the right price respect the one who rolled them, the one who imports them, the one who keeps them and sells them in excellent conditions, respects the work of people working in this chain of partners so that the customer is certain that the cigars he buys are not counterfeits, or cigars of the last category. I claim that the customer, by respecting his cigar adviser, respects the product and the person in front of him, and ultimately, respects himself.

Our Guarantee:

Each box of Cuban cigars purchased on our site has the following distinctive signs:

The Cuban “cellio” of green color, with a secret code hidden in the sticker, a bar code with a unique number identifying the cigar box you bought, this code can be identified directly on the official Habanos website, online! on the back of the box you have the sticker of the importer Intertabak AG, the factory code and the production date. In addition, for many years we have invested in means of conservation (150K CHF) of our stock of cigars in order to offer top premium quality to our customers,… probably the best in Switzerland!

With more than 500,000 cigars in stock, our first objective is the rigorous selection of cigars that we buy from our suppliers. Thus, we only work with official and sole importers bound by contract with the brands they represent for importation into Switzerland. This guarantees and certifies the reliability and traceability of the cigars that you buy from us.

Cuba / Habanos Guarantee Seal / Individual barcode / Habanos unique identification number, Hologram, and secret code contained in the guarantee seal.
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